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We are committed to furthering our specialty through the development of innovative programs in emergency preparedness, information technology, transport medicine, event medicine, emergency ultrasound, critical care, patient safety, and sports medicine. We produce exceptional, well-rounded emergency physicians capable of responding with speed, skill, confidence, and efficiency to challenges in the ED and beyond.

Driven from the ground up by talented, motivated, and experienced physician faculty, the Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center Emergency Medicine Residency Program is a top tier training program. With outstanding clinical sites, enthusiastic institutional support, and a partnership with a nationally-recognized University and its School of Medicine, we are dedicated to practicing state-of-the-art, patient-first emergency care.

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Our programs offers positions for medical students and professionals. Click on a position to see more information.


This four week rotation for Georgetown senior medical students includes the following:

  • Clinical shifts in two urban Emergency Departments
  • Simulation Lab with central line, intubation, ultrasound and suture stations
  • Teaching shift with a senior Emergency Medicine Resident
  • Poison Control Center toxicology session
  • Invitation to weekly GU/WHC EM Residency Lecture series

Our students evaluate and treat patients in close conjunction with EM Residents and EM Attending Physicians. Many shifts provide one-on-one teaching with the EM Attending, accelerating your development as a future EM physician.


The Georgetown University Hospital / Washington Hospital Center Emergency Medicine residency program is a three-year ACGME accredited training program emphasizing critical care, trauma management, and pediatrics.

Focus areas include:

  • Emergency Departments
  • Pediatric EM
  • Critical Care
  • Trauma

MedStar Washington Hospital Center offers fellowship training in emergency ultrasound, sports medicine, health care policy, simulation & safety and critical care. Additionally, the opportunity exists to advance in other fellowship areas including toxicology and pediatric emergency medicine through our academic affiliates.


Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center Emergency Medicine Training Program host a diverse and well-rounded faculty. Attending physicians at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, Union Memorial Hospital and Franklin Square Hospital Center are integrated into a single department with a single chair. This ensures a consistent educational mission and sustained mentorship to the residents of the program.

Experience .

In our Simulation Training and Education Lab, residents can experience recreated clinical scenarios to further advance their education.