Alyssa Ierardo, MD, MPH


I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia but moved to the Philadelphia area when I was 11. I definitely have a foot in both hemispheres, but I like to think I’ve mastered an American accent. I went to Tufts for medical school and had a great time in Boston but was ready to come back to the mid-Atlantic for residency and couldn’t be happier to be closer to family.

Outside Interests and Hobbies:

I love yoga, cooking (and eating), and I have some serious wander lust. On my next big trip, I’d love to see parts of South East Asia or go back to Africa.

Interests within Emergency Medicine:

I’m all over the map when it comes to my interests within EM. I think critical care, disaster medicine, and medicinal education/administration are all really fascinating. I got my MPH while I was getting my MD so it’s important to me to work on bigger structural issues when it comes to our emergency medical system and to ensure we are providing the best care for those who are frequently underserved or neglected.